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September 23, 2011 / availableworld

Your Dog Pictures


Photograph by Susan Wilkins

This is Zorro and his little sister, Madison. They are Pomeranians, approximately two years old. They are active, fun-loving toy dogs who think they are every bit as big as a Labrador. They are members of the spitz family and were favored by Queen Victoria. They are named for the region in East Germany/Poland that is most associated with their early breeding. This picture was taken at the beach in Waldport, Oregon.

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  1. KatiesCameraBlog / Sep 23 2011 05:52

    What a sweet photo. They look so happy and are in almost perfect step together. Great shot!

  2. Alexandra / Sep 23 2011 18:47

    Haha! This is adorable! And I loved the feeling of a rhythm in the shot!


  1. “Why are they called Pomerablians?” | CATERPICKLES


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