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September 23, 2011 / availableworld

How to mention/tag a person in Google Plus comment

So you are enjoying your stint with Google Plus, right? As a long time Facebook user you might be missing some features of Facebook which you are used to of. On such feature is tagging or mentioning the friends in comment or status so that the friends are notified that they have been tagged.

In Facebook when you want to tag a person in a comment or status, you have to use @ followed by the starting letters of the person’s profile name and then you are given the options of tagging related people. This functionality has been added to Google Plus as well.

To mention or tag someone in comment or status in Google Plus, type @ or + followed by the initial letters of the person’s name. It will give you option for adding the person in the comment or status.

To summarise:

  • @ in Facebook
  • @ or + in Google Plus


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