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September 22, 2011 / availableworld

summer 2011 Surfing Photos

Photograph by Peter Correale, My Shot

This shot was taken in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, with a Nikon D70 in a Fantasea water housing.

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Photograph by Firstiawan Yuliandri, Your Shot

A traditional Indonesian boat passes behind a surfer doing some aerial action.

Photograph by Paul Manning, Your Shot

Snapper Rocks, South East Queensland, Australia. Surfers head across the rocks to the jumping-off point, waiting for the set. Once the set passes they will jump where the wave is exploding and paddle to get ready for the ride of their lives. This is one of the most popular surf destinations in Australia, if not the world, and when the cyclonic storm swells arrive, it’s on.

Photograph by Brent Bielmann, My Shot

A huge rogue wave comes through a southern Australian surf spot.

Photograph by Rhonda Keane, My Shot

This is a photo of my friend Rob and his best friend, Lexi. She is a purebred German shepherd who was rescued from the SPCA. Lexi loves watching Rob surf and waits patiently on the shore for him to finish. It doesn’t matter where you take dogs, or what you do, all they want is to be loved and by your side. Taken in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada.

Photograph by Victor Ulloa, My Shot

Venice Beach, California

Photograph by Dermot Noel Cosgrove, My Shot

A surfer ending his run on the wave on the west coast of Ireland

Photograph by Jocelyn Veer, My Shot

I took this shot of some of my friends surfing along the Oregon coast. It was dusk and very foggy, resulting in the ghostlike shapes of my friends.

Photograph by Peter Gao, My Shot


Photograph by Ryan Struck, My Shot

This photo was taken in 38ºF water after a blizzard in New Jersey. Inside the wave is professional surfer Luke DiTella. The beach is snow covered, and as a New Jersey surfer, this is what gets our blood going!

Photograph by Hadrien Dastugue, My Shot

A friend on a cool wave in Juan-les-Pins, France

Photograph by Luke Going, My Shot

Surfing is an obsession for some people. Here on the iconic Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, Australia, it is a religious experience. In the aquamarine waters at sunset one finds peace and distance from the business and demands of daily life, a refuge for the tired soul. This photo reflects that moment seconds before the

Photograph by Chris Blair, My Shot

Don’t ask.

Photograph by Steve Hughes, Your Shot

Taken at Rincon Point, California (90 miles north of Los Angeles). Unusual weather caused exceptional surfing conditions on the Pacific Coast, and waves were three to four times larger than average.

Photograph by Wendell Shinn, My Shot

Surfin’ China Beach

Photograph by William Wilmot, My Shot

I took this shot while living in San Clemente, California. I really wanted a shot of the sunset while a surfer gave me a silhouette. On the third evening of waiting it fell into place. The couple watching the sunset was kind of an added bonus.



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